OPEC Monthly Report Points to Tighter Oil Market, Cuts Continue – Nokturnal

Oil (WTI, Brent Crude) Analysis OPEC’s demand forecast suggests tight oil market into year end Brent crude oil pulls back from resistance as bullish momentum subsides WTI crude oil tests trendline support on latest dip The analysis in this article makes use of chart patterns and key support and resistance levels. For more information visit … Read more

These videos will kickstart your trading week in the forex market – Nokturnal

> These videos will kickstart your trading week in the forex market Technical review of some of the major currency pairs for the week starting July 31, 2023 EURUSD: USDJPY: GBPUSD: AUDUSD: ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW Tags ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW Most Popular ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW … Read more

FX HedgePool: Tackling the issue of Market Impact with P2P Trading Models – Nokturnal

FX HedgePool offers a service where buy side clients can use FX HedgePool’s P2P matching technology to access improved liquidity while banks are able to underwrite these transactions by providing Credit as a Service. This allows the banks involved to better utilise balance sheet flow and profitability. In this podcast Jay addresses the above as … Read more

Chief Market Officer BoE akan berbicara tentang intervensi pada hari Jumat nanti – Nokturnal

Datang pada 1100 GMT, yaitu 0600 EST: Andrew Hauser, Direktur Eksekutif Pasar di Bank of England Memberikan pidato di lokakarya tentang ketidakseimbangan pasar Diselenggarakan oleh Global Markets Initiative di Chicago Judulnya: “Melihat Melalui Kaca Bawang: Pelajaran dari Intervensi LDI 2022” “Intervensi LDI” kembali pada akhir September/Oktober tahun lalu setelah pengumuman “anggaran mini” Chanellor Inggris (Menteri … Read more